The Pond that Makes the WAVE

A year ago, we signed the manufacturing contract with Seveco Global for Touchjet WAVE™. It was a pure leap of faith for Seveco to join forces with Touchjet when we only had an early prototype and a vision. It’s been a longer research and development period than originally expected, but we now have finished tooling (T0-T2). This week, we had … Read More

How to Calibrate Touchjet WAVE

When we say “Touchjet WAVE™ turns your TV into a Touchscreen Tablet”, we were told that people don’t want to touch their televisions and they love their remotes. Same with when the iPhone was first introduced, people only want to talk on their phones, not stream, play games, etc. Touchjet WAVE™ TV Tablet System adds Android OS, unlimited mobile apps … Read More

Touchjet WAVE™ is Coming…

When we launched the Touchjet WAVE™ crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo last year, we had a vision and a prototype. Today we have finished tooling with the final design that will be going into mass production. We are confident that we will deliver Touchjet WAVE™ Touchscreen Tablet TV System to our backers. This will be the world’s first smart device for … Read More

Apple Approves Touchjet App

It’s official. Touchjet has released its iOS mobile app. The Touchjet™ app allows you to connect your iPhone via WiFi with the Touchjet Pond™ Touchscreen Projector and Touchjet WAVE™ Tablet TV System. You can launch any app on the giant tablet right from your iPhone. You may also use your phone as a regular mouse pad or an air mouse … Read More

Touchjet WAVE Roadshow

Hope you are enjoying the summer! The Touchjet team is busy getting ready for the mass production of our highly anticipated product, Touchjet WAVE. Part of the process is to demonstrate the product to investors, industry experts, and customers. Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Zhen Liu, travelled to the East Coast this past week and showed Touchjet WAVE to many … Read More

Collaborating Like Thomas Edison

How did one of America’s most famous inventors collaborate? It might not be a question you ever thought about, but the answer can greatly impact the way we work together. Thomas Edison passed away in 1931, but his vision for innovation and collaboration has remained, inspiring some of the most brilliant minds of modern times. Edison was responsible for bringing … Read More

8 Must-try Apps for the Summer

Whether you are planning a summer vacation, sharing fun family photos or playing a game with the kids, there’s an app for that. In case you missed our favorite apps, check out the list here. Then browse through these must-try apps for summer: 1. Netflix: The perfect way to catch up on favorite shows and discover the newest movies, Netflix … Read More

Touchjet WAVE Thank You Program

Hello Touchjetters! What a fantastic weekend! We’re so close to hitting the $400k mark and are releasing a new Thank You Program to reward you for referring friends and help get our campaign to the next level. REFER 5 FRIENDS. GET A FREE WAVE. If your referrals total more than $600, you get another WAVE. That’s like if you referred … Read More

The Touchjet WAVE is Here

This is it, people. It’s finally here. Our team has been waiting for this moment for a long time! Touchjet WAVE is now available to pre-order now on Indiegogo – Touchjet WAVE is the most affordable way to turn your TV into a giant touchscreen tablet with finger, stylus, and remote app control. Download the apps you love, use … Read More