Touchjet WAVE 1, 2, 3 …

After launching the Touchjet Pond™ Touchscreen Projector in May 2015, the Touchjet team is thrilled to launch our 2nd product, the Touchjet WAVE™ TV Tablet System today.  It’s now available on and at $299.99. The WAVE turns any flatscreen TV into a giant touchscreen Android tablet. In addition, we are rolling out two new software, that’s compatible with … Read More

Affordable Solution for Giant Collaboration Devices

Are you looking for a more affordable solution to Microsoft’s Surface Hub (55” for $8,999) or the Monopad by Infocus (57” for $5,000)? The Touchjet WAVE™ TV Tablet System ($299) and our collaboration software, Touchjet Present ($120/yr), is the affordable alternative that can turn your flatscreen TV in the conference room, classroom and family room into an interactive giant tablet. … Read More

Touchjet App for iPhone and Android Smartphone

With the The Touchjet App, you can use your iPhone or Android smartphone as an interactive smart remote control for both the Touchjet Pond™ Touchscreen Projector and Touchjet WAVE™ TV Tablet System (connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network). Now you can use your iPhone to interact with both the Pond and the WAVE with just a tap and … Read More

You Win after the Historical Election

Use the special discount code 232290 created by you on Touchjet Present and the presidential election for a very special 50% OFF the Touchjet Pond™ Touchscreen Projector just in time for the holidays.  This code expires at midnight a week from election night.   We are still awaiting FCC approval for Touchjet WAVE™ TV Tablet System.  We’ll keep you posted on … Read More

Touchjet WAVE: Deloitte, Election and Apps

What an honor it was to be invited as an exhibitor at the Technology Exhibition at the Deloitte 2016 Partners/Principals/Managing Directors Meeting in Las Vegas last week (press release). Touchjet was exhibiting alongside the most reputable tech brands at the show: IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, Polycom, Slack, Softbank, etc to name a few. YouTube Link: Thank you to everyone who participated in our Touchjet … Read More

Apple Releases Touchjet Present

Touchjet’s collaborative technology took a step up by releasing its Touchjet Present app on October 24th on both the App Store and Google Play. Now you can wirelessly present any PDF, PPT and video content anywhere on any device and share it easily with your audience, meeting participants, families and friends so that you are all on the same page … Read More

Touchjet Live: Blue States, Red States

Thanks to many of you for participating in the Touchjet Alpha Test in the past 4 weeks. This week we’d like you to give us a state by state prediction on the US Presidential Election by coloring the map blue and red. This was the map from the 2012 results. This will be our last Black Friday in October. Here … Read More

Calibrating the Touchjet WAVE

As we get closer to shipping the Touchjet WAVE™, we will be sharing more How To videos on how to set-up, calibrate and use your new Giant Android Tablet on your TV. In this video, we are using the Touchjet mobile app to connect to the WAVE’s wifi hotspot for the initial set-up and to initiate the touchscreen calibration to … Read More

#ShipWAVE in October

Take a look inside our contracted manufacturer’s (Seveco) facility in China, in case you missed the video in September. YouTube Link: After a long national holiday week in China, workers are back and ready for production runs of all kinds of great products at this factory. We’ll keep you posted on the schedule: Federal Communication Commission (FCC) approval Production … Read More

You Made the Winner

It may have looked quite controversial when the live voting skewed to one side during the first presidential debate on our collaboration application, but it was only for a brief moment. Data captured showed that there were about 100 participants (THANK YOU) and in the end, the votes were evenly split between the two candidates as winning the first debate. … Read More