Increase your audience engagement at your events with Touchjet technology

The Touchjet product line offers innovative products to suit your business goals. Touch screen technology is a great way to attract and increase attendee engagement at your booth. It provides a unique experience to communicate and collaborate with people through touch capabilities. We’ll break down the top three ways on how businesses can unlock new opportunities with this game-changing tech. … Read More

Discover how interactivity can transform your classroom

Technology is changing, and school districts are slowly phasing out interactive whiteboards and overhead projectors with flat-screen monitors. The challenge is: how do you make the classroom TV an interactive hub? Engage your students Student engagement is a problem these days. Many are disinterested, unfocused, and distracted. The Touchjet product line helps your classroom expectancy goals and increases participation, share … Read More

Touchjet products are versatile to suit any industry

As technology is changing and advancing rapidly, more and more industries are investing in smart technology which helps with efficiency and creates better insights. Whether in a meeting room, seminar room, a large auditorium, waiting room or even in an event hall, Touchjet can help project your thoughts onto a big screen and help you get your message across to … Read More

Add Touchjet to your holiday wish list this season

This holiday season, give the gift that everyone will enjoy. Whether you are pitching for your next presentation, creating lesson plans, or need more of family bonding, the Touchjet product line is the perfect present in any given situation. Best of all, they are packed with many useful features and cost thousands less than other devices in the market.  Wave … Read More

Touchjet lets you reconnect with your family

In a recent study conducted by Pew Research, 72% of parents think that their teen is often distracted by phones while having real-life conversations, and more than half 51% of teens say the same about their parents. Luckily, we have a solution to bring families closer and encourages interaction in a fun and creative way. With the Touchjet Wave + … Read More

Why You Need an Interactive Touchscreen Display in the Office

Improve Your Presentation Engagement with Touchjet

Make an impact in your next presentation with the help of an interactive touchscreen display Are you wondering how you can impress your clients in your next presentation? Keep your audience engaged with your content and give them the ability to interact and add to your presentation. Let’s take a look on how to transform your presentation experience on an … Read More

Collaboration made easy

The Touchjet WAVE + Lily opens up new doors to the collaboration era. The business world is moving fast and teamwork is key to success. The WAVE + Lily makes that possible. Using the Lily Digital Pen with Pen Touch you and your team can draw out ideas seamlessly, and increase efficiency significantly. It can be setup on any flat … Read More