Why Are Huddle Rooms Great for Collaboration?

As more offices are moving towards open floor plans and less conference rooms, companies are strategically creating small spaces as huddle rooms to empower their teams to collaborate. Huddle rooms work better than the traditional conference room, because it fosters collaboration and interaction in a small intimate space, that allows teams of up to 5 people to meet quickly and easily.

In order for huddle rooms to be effective, it needs to have the right equipment that does not require an AV/technician to operate and not necessarily be cluttered with lots of equipment.

Equipment for Huddle Rooms

  • TV / Giant Touchscreen
  • Whiteboard (regular or interactive)
  • Web camera or tablet (for video conferencing)
  • Small table
  • Small sofa / chairs (optional)

Flexible Space with Huge Benefits

Huddle rooms are small and intimate: With open floor plans, it is sometimes hard to talk at someone’s desk due to the surrounding noise and lack of privacy. Huddle rooms definitely provides a solution giving teams a flexible place to quickly meet and discuss, unlike formal conference rooms.

Huddle rooms are productive: Work gets done in huddle rooms because it offers a flexible and convenient space for teams to have spontaneous meetings to collaborate, problem-solve, brainstorm and more.

Huddle rooms should be budget friendly: Unused office space can easily be turned into huddle rooms and with a budget friendly approach, offices can have many huddle rooms to foster collaboration, communication and team work. Touchjet offers affordable giant touchscreen hardware and collaboration software to equip huddle rooms.

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