Celebrate the hard work and dedication for Employee Appreciation Day!

Employee Appreciation Day is meant to honor the contribution given in the workforce. Industries plan celebrations while recognizing the achievements and dedication of their employees. According to a study done by St. Cloud State University, employees that are fully engaged perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave their organizations. However, some employees feel that they do not have the appropriate technology to be successful; they may also feel disconnected with upper management when minimal recognition is received for their efforts. Thus, it is imperative for industries to adapt to newer technology to increase productivity. Companies with highly engaged employees report revenue growth at a rate of 2.5 times higher.

Invest in the right tools for employees to succeed
At Touchjet, we created an interactive hub that is built for success in any industry. The Touchjet product line is specially designed to be your one-stop creative platform with touch capabilities and app functionality that will help increase team collaboration and creativity. Lead your employees to the path of success with Touchjet.

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