Give the gift that will help you connect with your loved one this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner here’s a new way to celebrate with interactivity and bonding time with your loved ones. Communication plays an integral role in our everyday lives, and the Touchjet product line focuses on better engagement and collaboration. Research studies have shown that interactive technology can assist couples in communicating efficiently, managing conflicts better, and strengthen bonds.

Amplify your connection with your partner!
With more than thousands of apps to choose from at the Google Play Store, Touchjet brings additional creativity to this Valentine’s Day. Planning your next vacation or creating a bucket list of things to do? Use the calendar or notes app to arrange your next destination on a big screen. Are you looking for restaurant suggestions? Look no further, with Google Play Store pre-installed onto Touchjet devices; you can download apps such as Yelp and OpenTable to plan your Valentine’s day dinner.

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