CES 2019 kicks off this week

The most significant technology show is underway in Las Vegas, CES 2019. CES gives companies a platform to show off innovative technologies such as smart TVs, robots, Artificial Technology, and more. CES is also all about introducing breakthrough technologies to consumers. Whether it’s car brands redesigning the user experience or brands unfolding the future with smart city concepts. CES creates a futuristic feel and gives consumers a sneak peek of ideas. Here are some trends to look for this years CES.

8K TVs
Leave 4k in the past and embrace the future of TVs with 8k technology. 8K is one of the most precise pictures you are ever likely to see and has four times more pixels than 4K images. Brands such Samsung and LG are already taking the lead for this innovative technology and launching this new category.

5G Internet
At CES 2019, Qualcomm is showing off its new “beamforming” technology for increasing coverage and adding new infrastructure. 5G is expected to surpass its current predecessor 4G by adding blazing-fast connectivity with speeds over 1.4 Gbps.

Artificial Intelligence
One of the top trends at CES 2019 is notably artificial intelligence. The show is full of AI- processors and chips. For example, TVs are using AI so it can enhance the user experience with options such as picture settings to monitor picture quality and light conditions. Digital assistants are also advancing into various products from soundbars, TVs, laptops, and more. The wave of assistive technology is transforming how voice capabilities are incorporated into our everyday lives and increasing engagement with your devices.

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