Four technology changes that will elevate your workplace in 2019

With new trends arising in the business world such as smart apps, digital messaging, and automation, offices will have to embrace new workspace technologies. Now that the new year is almost here, it’s time to reconsider innovations for the office space. Here are four tech-savvy ideas to bring to your workplace.

1. Reinvigorate your ideas with touchscreen technology
Using an interactive touchscreen display, you can steer away from the same old, dull, linear format, and turn your ideas into a profitable conversation. Create robust visuals with a smart touch pen and bring your presentation to life on any flat surface. Invest in the Touchjet product line and enjoy the interactive features of new technology.

2. Cloud-Based Platform
There is an uptick of cloud-based platforms used in many industries with additional benefits. Every office should adapt to this technology to protect data and make it easily accessible to authorized users. If you are working on a project across various locations, cloud computing gives the ability to provide employees, contractors and third parties access to the same files. Also, cloud computing can reduce the cost of managing and maintaining IT systems.

3. Personalized lighting system
Many offices have a fixed lighting environment causing eye strains of workers. With a fixed lighting environment, workers cannot customize their lighting preference and are stuck with one over dominant mode. Personalized lighting systems give businesses the ability to adjust lighting depending on mood, task, and time of day. With customizable settings, employees can adjust lighting levels to their personal preferences, working environment, and productivity level can be improved.

4. Advanced smart desks
To promote employee wellness, you should invest in sit/stand desks. Sit/stand desks and IoT systems give users the freedom to control the desk height, and set activity goals. The functionality of an adjustable desk allows for an ache and pain-free workday, increasing uninterrupted productivity with all your needs all in one place.

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