Add apps to customize your Touchjet products

Touchjet Present App
With the Touchjet Present app (iOS, Android and via the browser at, users can have a collaborative meeting, share documents across all platforms and have a truly interactive presentation right at their fingertips.  

Touchjet’s collaborative technology offers many features, as users can easily access presentations, PDFs, and videos via the Cloud. Invite participants to join your meeting with Touchjet Present app on their smart devices and your presentation will instantly appear on their screens.

Users can collaborate by annotating on their screens with Wave + Lily and all participating smart devices, and reports are automatically generated at the end of the meeting and sent via email to the host. This allows better workflow, more efficiency in the conference room or in the classroom offers an affordable solution for collaborative work.

Touchjet Mobile App
With the Touchjet mobile app, you can discover new functions of the Touchjet product line. The app gives you the ability to use your phone as a remote, keyboard and microphone. Easily share media content from smartphone or tablet to the big screen.

Air Mouse feature
The Air Mouse remote feature doubles as a pointing device. Navigate around Android with the directional pad or switch on mouse mode to track your movements. The Air Mouse feature allows you to control the projector and Android apps without touching the display.

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