Watch Finance Youtuber Michael Loftus enhance his presentations with Touchjet WAVE + LILY

Implementing interactive technology helps bring your ideas onto a big screen for your audiences to see in a clear, concise way. Check out online finance YouTuber Michael Loftus give you a hands on tour of the Wave + Lily for his weekly financial chart presentations. Transform your business and educate viewers with touch screen interactive technology.

Wave + Lily
Turn any flat screen TV or display up to 65 inches into a precision presentation tool using the Lily Digital Pen with Pen Touch. Precision is everything, and the WAVE + LILY gives enterprise and education users additional control they need for uniquely creative presentations and team collaboration. WAVE + LILY comes with built-in Wi-Fi, Android OS, and touch technology, plus, you can download Android apps directly onto the WAVE.

Learn more about WAVE + Lily here.

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