Increase your audience engagement at your events with Touchjet technology

The Touchjet product line offers innovative products to suit your business goals. Touch screen technology is a great way to attract and increase attendee engagement at your booth. It provides a unique experience to communicate and collaborate with people through touch capabilities. We’ll break down the top three ways on how businesses can unlock new opportunities with this game-changing tech.

Revamp your presentations
Don’t blend in the with the rest of the crowd, instead of using the static PowerPoint slides and templates; interactive touch screens can enhance and promote businesses with a fun and new way to connect. With our Touchjet Present app, you can annotate, view, edit and share presentations with team members in the room or on the go.

Easily build compelling content for guests
Touch screens are perfect for displaying schedules, galleries, and event information. Large touchscreens allow you to perform group demonstrations and have users engaged throughout the evening. You can load Android apps onto Touchjet products so that users can interact with all their favorite apps.

Incorporate interactive entertainment at events
Adding gamification is a fun way to attract event attendees to your booth to promote unique brand propositions entertainingly. The Touchjet product line allows users to download their favorite game apps right onto the device, and with Lily digital pen touch you can take gaming to the next level. Plus, users can calibrate more than one Lily digital touch pen with Pen Touch on Touchjet devices so others can join in the fun!

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