Discover how interactivity can transform your classroom

Technology is changing, and school districts are slowly phasing out interactive whiteboards and overhead projectors with flat-screen monitors. The challenge is: how do you make the classroom TV an interactive hub?

Engage your students
Student engagement is a problem these days. Many are disinterested, unfocused, and distracted. The Touchjet product line helps your classroom expectancy goals and increases participation, share ideas, by giving you and them the ability to draw and create content onto the touchscreen. The interactivity gets students more intrigued, focused, and makes them feel as if they are a part of the conversation and your lesson plans.

More focus in the classroom
Touchscreen technology allows teachers to transform their classroom experience and elevate their lesson plans. Students can craft fun video projects and collaborate with other classmates using the Lily digital pen with Pen Touch. Best of all you can calibrate more than one Lily digital pen so more students can make collaboration enjoyable.

Help bridge the communication gap of your students
Students are sometimes shy and don’t feel comfortable communicating in a classroom environment. With touchscreen technology, they can draw out their idea and showcase their work with classmates without feeling discouraged. Students are more willing to engage, share, and converse, rather than feeling afraid or avoid participation in class.

With touchscreen technology, education, collaboration, and student engagement will significantly increase more than ever. These are some of many benefits for both the teacher and students in the classroom environment.

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