Touchjet products are versatile to suit any industry

As technology is changing and advancing rapidly, more and more industries are investing in smart technology which helps with efficiency and creates better insights. Whether in a meeting room, seminar room, a large auditorium, waiting room or even in an event hall, Touchjet can help project your thoughts onto a big screen and help you get your message across to your audience. 

Healthcare Industry

New technology in the medical field is an essential element for doctors, nurses, assistants, to provide clear and precise information. Whether collaborating and discussing case studies or presenting healthcare information, Touchjet helps transcribe your data onto a touchscreen. The Touchjet product line offers advanced features backed by our warranty support. 

Hotel Industry 

With our interactive digital touchscreen solutions, you can take an enthusiastic approach to keep your guests informed and provide on-demand information through our devices. We know how difficult it is to market travel packages and encourage guests to dine in your restaurants, but with our platform, you can easily let them know about the latest deals.

Using our touchscreen technology, you can inform visitors, whether you’re promoting entertainment, city tours, or other activities, via interactive screens and displays. 

We know your time is valuable, with the Touchjet product line you don’t need to worry about any technical maintenances. Our visual solutions include low maintenance, easy to operate screens controlled by using the Lily pen with Pen Touch.  Best of all, you can calibrate more than one pen, giving you and your team the ability to collaborate! 

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is advancing rapidly, and a great way to incorporate creative freedom is by using the Touchjet product line. Whether you are brainstorming the next new car models in 3D or presenting a design to your clients, the Touchjet product line can help you do it all.

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