Add Touchjet to your holiday wish list this season

This holiday season, give the gift that everyone will enjoy. Whether you are pitching for your next presentation, creating lesson plans, or need more of family bonding, the Touchjet product line is the perfect present in any given situation. Best of all, they are packed with many useful features and cost thousands less than other devices in the market. 

Wave + Lily
Turn any flat screen TV or display up to 65 inches into a precision presentation tool using the Lily pen with Pen Touch. Precision is everything, and the WAVE +Lily gives enterprise and education users the additional control they need for presentations and collaboration. With built-in Wi-Fi, Android OS and Touchjet’s touch technology, you can download Android apps directly onto the WAVE using the Lily Digital Pen with Pen Touch.

Pond Touchscreen Projector
Touchjet Pond is an interactive portable Android projector that turns any flat surface to an 80-inch touchscreen tablet. Using the Lily Digital Pens, you can navigate on a touch surface on the go. With built-in Wi-Fi and Android OS, download your favorite Android apps right onto the Pond.  With a sleek design and weighing 9.4 oz., it makes traveling a lot easier without the extra weight.

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