See the Touchjet Wave + Lily in action and learn more about it

Touchscreen technology is already a part of our present, and it will undoubtedly play a role in our future. You may have some common questions such as, what is it that makes touch screens so unique? How do they help us in our everyday lives? Whether it’s for education, business, or personal use, you will be happy you have this technology at your disposal. Let’s dive more in-depth on how this technology is a game changer.

Touch Functionality features
Many consumers use the traditional keyboard and mouse, but not everyone has the training to create innovative content with those tools. A touchscreen makes every user an instant expert, no experience is required. With touch applications, audiences can understand and interact with the interface of the technology. Whether you want to showcase your reports for a business meeting or brainstorm your next lesson plan for your students. The Touchjet Wave + Lily offers distinctive features while adding Pen Touch capabilities to enhance your experience.

Affordable Solution
In today’s market, there are other giant touchscreen solutions out there. The average price of giant touchscreen solutions can range between $1000-$10,000. What differentiates us from others is cost. With our cost-effective product line, you don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on hardware that don’t offer many features and the necessary components to optimize your touchscreen user experience.

Touch screens also increase the speed of tasks. When a user controls a computer using a mouse or touches a trackball, there is always uncertainty as to locating the pointer or adjust their movements to match mouse acceleration. Touch screens allow users to select icons directly, without fear of translating mouse movement to a vertical screen.

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