Incorporate the future of technology into your classrooms with giant interactive touchscreens

Interactive touch screens are becoming popular in today’s day and age. One of the biggest problems that school districts are currently facing is outdated equipment in classrooms. You may think that spending thousands of dollars on smart TVs might be a good idea but if you determine the cost of putting a smart TV in every classroom you would be spending excessively and being left without any interactive features that can enhance your learning experience. The Touchjet product line offers extensive benefits to elevate your ideas while being extremely cost-effective. With the ability to express your mind, you can annotate during lessons, share notes with your students, or draw out your ideas.

The Touchjet product line offers cutting edge technology while being economical.

Pond is a pocket sized projector that turns any wall into an interactive touch screen allowing multiple users to collaborate and share ideas. Pond is ideal for a small group collaboration in the classroom. With the built-in battery, the Pond is portable and can be set-up anywhere in the room, hallway, library, etc.

The Touchjet WAVE + Lily with Pen Touch is compact device that turns any flat screen into an interactive display. The WAVE + Lily is easy to setup and get going wherever you are. The Touchjet WAVE is also another effective tool for classrooms that already have a flat screen. Turning a normal flat screen into an interactive touch screen will encourage teamwork and boost productivity in your classroom. Compared to other interactive whiteboards that can cost thousands of dollars, WAVE + Lily is an affordable solution for the classroom.

Touchjet also offers the Lily with Pen touch that can be used with both Wave + Lilly and Pond. Lily is a precise tool that helps users get the most out of our technology. It can be easily calibrated and set up with the devices in seconds.

All of our technology comes with useful apps that enhance the collaboration experience of users and allows them to work cross functionally. For instance, out Present app lets you link all devices including tablets and smartphones giving everyone the chance to collaborate together in real-time. Our products also have a built-in Android operating system that allows students and teachers to download education Android apps to their giant touchscreens including Google Classroom, Math apps, Science apps, Coding apps, etc.

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