Collaboration made easy

The Touchjet WAVE + Lily opens up new doors to the collaboration era. The business world is moving fast and teamwork is key to success. The WAVE + Lily makes that possible. Using the Lily Digital Pen with Pen Touch you and your team can draw out ideas seamlessly, and increase efficiency significantly. It can be setup on any flat screen TV up to 65″ and be ready to go in minutes. The WAVE + Lily is a great addition to any collaborative office space.

Touchjet aims to push the boundaries of effectiveness and productivity.

Costs Thousands Less

The Touchjet WAVE + Lily is the collaboration upgrade your team needs and for the right price. The WAVE + Lily will cost you considerably less than devices currently out in the market. For a price that a fraction of other giant, touchscreen tablets this technology will enhance your team’s productivity tenfold.

With the options to download your favourite apps, Touchjet WAVE + Lily is the upgrade your team deserves.

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