The Power of the Pen

We heard you.
We listened.
And today we are proud to introduce WAVE + Lily™ using Pen Touch.


The Pen is an important utensil of intelligence in human history.  The Apple Pencil expands the power of the  iPad Pro which was introduced in September 2015, five and half years after iPad was announced in January 2010. We are shipping Lily, the rechargeable digital pen today. It will allow you to write on any surface using Touchjet Pond™ or any flat screen displays up to 65” paired with Touchjet WAVE + Lily™.

From the ancient chalkboard to the Smart Whiteboard, a collaborative surface is essential for offices, conference rooms and classrooms. In the digital era, these solutions are either out of sync or too expensive for the mass markets.

With the introduction of WAVE + Lily™, we are bringing precision to the big screen using Pen Touch.  Turn any TV or monitor up to 65 inches into a precision presentation tool using Pen Touch. Easily flip through your presentation and make annotations using the Lily Digital Pen. Use the WAVE + Lily™ just like a giant tablet or interactive whiteboard. But you don’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars.

Office Collaboration

Utilize the office TV for productive and collaborative meetings. Get people out of their seats and interacting on the giant touchscreen to brainstorm and engage. Connect smart devices to the WAVE + Lily™ to instantly share files and media content.


Classroom Collaboration

Engage students on the big screen with education apps that they normally use individually on their tablets. Having the education apps on the big screen allows students and teachers to problem-solve and learn as a small group. Students can also interact with the WAVE + Lily™ on their tablets for cross-platform collaboration using the pre-installed Touchjet Present software.


To unleash the power of the Lily the Digital Pen, Touchjet is offering 20% OFF Touchjet Pond™ and Touchjet WAVE + Lily™ for a limited time only (While Supplies Last).  And as a bonus, purchase the Touchjet Lily™ Digital Pen for $79 today and get a second one FREE. If you’d like to upgrade your Touchjet WAVE (Finger Touch) to Touchjet WAVE + Lily™ (Pen Touch), please contact for special offers.  

Thank you for being part of the Touchjet innovation journey.  Because of you, you keep on bringing the good, better and best to the world.

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