Collaborative Touchscreen Platform for the Classroom

Interactivity – we have it everywhere and have become accustomed to images and information at our fingertips. It is no different in a classroom. Over the past decade or so, our classrooms have seen deployment of millions of interactive displays. But according to Futuresoure Consulting Ltd, a U.K. based market research and forecasting firm, interactive white boards(IWB) last on average about 10 years, so many of those devices are reaching “replacement age”. But many technology directors are questioning replacement with another IWB or is there a new alternative? Many tech directors report their teachers only used roughly 10% of the functionality of the IWB, so can they find a technology that will allow the teachers interactive tools without spending $6000-$8000 per classroom?

The answer is YES – there is a new technology called the Touchjet WAVE. The device turns any flat screen TV or monitor (up to 65”) into a collaborative touchscreen learning tool. And the good news is it is only $299. The other important factor is the learning curve for the teacher. Because the user interface is identical to the home page of a smartphone or tablet, the teachers (and students) will be able to use the touchscreen immediately. Existing lesson content can even be uploaded into the Touchjet Present app to allow for teacher annotation. Using a mobile device, the teacher can control the lesson or make notes on the screen from anywhere in the classroom, so no more “sage on stage” standing at the IWB.

Touchjet is a unified collaboration platform for the future of meeting rooms, classrooms, and more.  Touchjet’s smart collaboration platform transforms any flat panel display, whiteboard, or any flat surface into a touch screen interactive operating system. Affordable collaboration for every classroom.

With the Touchjet WAVE™, teachers can have an affordable interactive touchscreen in the classroom. Teachers can easily pull up lesson plans onto their classroom TV using the Touchjet Present app. Students can participate and collaborate at their desk using their iPads, Android tablets or Chromebooks using Touchjet Present and have their annotations instantly shared across all screens (cross-platform).

Having large touchscreen technology in the classroom can help enhance STEM learning as students work as a team to problem solve and communicate. More and more schools are add coding to their curriculum. There are so many great and seriously fun coding apps in the Google Play Store helping students develop and apply problem solving skills, logic, communication by solving puzzles, and designing solutions to problems.  Having these apps on a large touchscreen engages teachers and students to solve problems as a small group.

A new “wave” of affordable educational technology has arrived, so check out the Touchjet WAVE for your classroom and school. You can register at to get more information.


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