Affordable Solution for Giant Collaboration Devices

Are you looking for a more affordable solution to Microsoft’s Surface Hub (55” for $8,999) or the Monopad by Infocus (57” for $5,000)? The Touchjet WAVE™ TV Tablet System ($299) and our collaboration software, Touchjet Present ($120/yr), is the affordable alternative that can turn your flatscreen TV in the conference room, classroom and family room into an interactive giant tablet. Currently, we are offering a 3-month free trial for Touchjet Present.

Conference Room

Easily access your powerpoint presentations via the Cloud using the Touchjet Present app on your Touchjet WAVE™ and 65” TV in the conference room. No need to connect your laptop. Invite participants to join your meeting in Touchjet Present on their smart devices (iOS and Android) or computer (via the Web) and whatever you’re presenting will instantly appear on their screens. Collaborate by annotating on the big screen (WAVE) and all participating smart devices. Meeting report is automatically generated at the end of the meeting and sent via email.



With the Touchjet WAVE™ and a flatscreen TV, Teachers can have an affordable interactive touchscreen in the classroom. Teachers can easily pull up lesson plans onto their classroom TV using Touchjet Present. Students can participate and collaborate at their desk using their iPads, Android tablets or Chromebooks using Touchjet Present and have their annotations instantly shared across all screens (cross-platform).


Family Room

Turn the family TV into the ultimate entertainment center. Watch Netflix, stream music, play mobile games and share vacation and family photos easily on the TV using Touchjet WAVE. With Touchjet Present, have fun doodling on photos on the big screen and on your mobile device. Your TV is not just for watching TV anymore. It can do so much more.



The Touchjet WAVE™ is the ultimate gift this holiday season. We start shipping soon. In the meantime, enjoy an instant $50 discount at

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