Apple Releases Touchjet Present

Touchjet’s collaborative technology took a step up by releasing its Touchjet Present app on October 24th on both the App Store and Google Play. Now you can wirelessly present any PDF, PPT and video content anywhere on any device and share it easily with your audience, meeting participants, families and friends so that you are all on the same page and capture notes simultaneously.

What is Touchjet Present?

Share documents across everyone’s devices, smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs or any Touchjet device simultaneously. Download the Touchjet Present app or go to to start a meeting and start sharing a file. In this video you can see the Touchjet Pond™ projector, iPad and other devices are all synchronized.

YouTube Link:

Capture handwritten notes, signatures and drawings on the big and small screen all at the same time. Annotations are saved automatically and shared across all devices. People can solve one math problem or a puzzle as well as annotate PDF together. In this video, you can see Touchjet Live event of a Sudoku puzzle.

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Share the automated Touchjet Present report right after the presentation with all notes captured. Easy for meeting minutes and follow-ups. Here for example is the meeting report from last week’s Touchjet Live event Blue States, Red States.

Click to view meeting notes


With the Touchjet Present app, users can share documents on their smartphones and work on projects even at Starbucks.


Every Sunday morning, we will have a crossword puzzle for everyone to solve together. Just click on this link.

Download the Touchjet Present app or go to on your browser and try it at your next meeting for easy collaboration or try it with friends and family. Here are the simple steps:

Present – Access any PDF, PPT or video via the Cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) or upload from your computer ( and start a meeting. Invite others to join or send out a meeting link.
Annotate – Collaborate and annotate using the annotation feature
Report – When you are done, end the meeting, and an automated meeting report will be emailed to you. The meeting report will also include the participants’ emails so that you can follow-up and send out the meeting report for further engagement


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