Touchjet Live: Blue States, Red States

Thanks to many of you for participating in the Touchjet Alpha Test in the past 4 weeks. This week we’d like you to give us a state by state prediction on the US Presidential Election by coloring the map blue and red. This was the map from the 2012 results.


This will be our last Black Friday in October. Here are the ways to help us test our content sharing software and together we’ll generate a 50% OFF Gift Code for the Touchjet Pond™ Touchscreen Projector.

1. Log in with this link on Thursday (Oct. 27th) at 9:00am PT to color the states on the map blue and red with other participants.


Note: You may enlarge any part of the map on your device and color it in detail. You may also color over others using the same or the other color. You may also erase others and recolor the state. We hope to see some battlefields during the event.

2. Based on the coloring results, we’ll generate the 6 digit discount code with Clinton (blue states) and Trump (red states) electoral votes side by side.

Note: The final code may not be an accurate prediction. The final 50% code will be numbers entered at the end of the event at 9:30am PT on Thu (Oct. 27th).


These experiments have tested our software at large scale by having you from all around the world collaborating in a live event on a single document. Here is the video from last week’s Sudoku live Touchjet event. You can see people participating and filling out the puzzle. And many redeemed the 50% code and got the Touchjet Pond™ Touchscreen Projector for only half of the price.

YouTube Link:

Please help us spread the word for this Blue States, Red States live alpha test event by forwarding this email to your friends and families or sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.

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