Calibrating the Touchjet WAVE

As we get closer to shipping the Touchjet WAVE™, we will be sharing more How To videos on how to set-up, calibrate and use your new Giant Android Tablet on your TV.

In this video, we are using the Touchjet mobile app to connect to the WAVE’s wifi hotspot for the initial set-up and to initiate the touchscreen calibration to turn your TV into an Android tablet/touchscreen.


While we all are eagerly waiting for the WAVE to start shipping, please help spread the word and get your friends and families to order one of their own with ShipWAVE discount code that saves them $50 ( The code expires once we start shipping.

To continue our “Every Friday is Black Friday” in October campaign for the Touchjet Pond™ Touchscreen Projector, we need your help to create this week’s 50% discount code. We will be starting this week’s session on Thursday (October 20th) from 11am-11:30am PT. Just click on this link at the specified time to create the 50% discount code. Not only are you creating a great discount code, but you’re also helping alpha test our content sharing platform. We’ll be launching the platform after we complete the alpha tests. Collaborate this week with others to finish this Sudoku puzzle and to reveal the 50% discount code.


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