Touchjet Alpha Test: Who Wins the Debate

Touchjet is about to release an application that allows you to share documents across all devices wirelessly, capture annotations and share automated reports. This enables the Touchjet WAVE™ TV Tablet and Touchjet Pond™ Projector Tablet to share live notes across smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs simultaneously anywhere anytime.

Please help us with Alpha testing, by joining our “live meeting” at [A Touchjet testing room] and cast your vote for the first presidential debate on Monday (September 26) starting from 6 p.m. PT and ends at 7:30 p.m. PT. Who do you think did a better job during the first debate? This is purely a fun event and also to help alpha test our application, but it also demonstrates how you can see the impact of your vote in this election.


All you need to do is join the meeting by clicking after the debate starts on Monday night at 6PM PT. Voting ends at 7:30PM PT. Once you join the meeting, we will be providing you with presenter rights, so that you can vote for who wins the first debate. When you see your “Pen” icon light up blue, you are given the right to vote. Tap the “Pen” icon and feel free to pick any color, and then check the side that you think did a better job during the first debate. That’s it. Share the link and ask friends to cast their vote for the debate. Watch how the votes come along throughout the debate. Who will win the first debate?



Help us test this important software release and vote for who wins the first presidential debate. Once again here is the link ( which we’ll also share on Facebook and Twitter during the debate. Thank you for your support.

Please share the discount code SHIPWAVE for Touchjet WAVE to get $50 OFF and UNBOXT for Touchjet Pond to get 20% OFF. Once again, here is the Unbox Therapy video that has gotten over 2.5 million views already.

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