Two Millions Views of Touchjet Pond™

“Turn Any Surface into a Touch Screen” it says. Unbox Therapy gets it right showing the capability of the Touchjet Pond™ Touchscreen Projector. Thank you for this honor! It was a pleasant surprise as we traced some social media posts back to YouTube and found the review. We hope Unbox Therapy doesn’t mind being featured today in our Sunday Post.

Not only does Unbox Therapy gets the technology and describes it as a projected screen that is touchable, but also provides a pretty cool demo. Instead of projecting Pond onto a wall, Unbox Therapy projects it onto a table – instant interactive table. So check it out and share with your friends and family. Here is a discount code “UnboxT” for 20% OFF in September, 2016. It only costs $479 to have this super gadget for streaming, giant touchscreen, and presentations up to 80” anywhere.

Unbox Therapy’s got talent! This demo has the following and see why he’s gotten over 2 million views already with his masterful skills and so much fun. We couldn’t have done a better job. YouTube Link:

Stream YouTube videos
Play Fruit Ninja
Doodle and do digital art

As we get closer to starting production on the Touchjet WAVE™, we hope that Unbox Therapy will do the honors and provide a review of the WAVE.

If you missed last week’s update, here’s a sneak peek of our manufacturing facilities. The team is busy getting the production line and QA process in place for production. Stay tuned for more updates on our weekly blog. Don’t forget to share this with your F&F to help us #ShipWAVE with discount code “ShipWAVE” to save $50 at $249.99.

Youtube Link:

We’re better together!

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