The Pond that Makes the WAVE

A year ago, we signed the manufacturing contract with Seveco Global for Touchjet WAVE™. It was a pure leap of faith for Seveco to join forces with Touchjet when we only had an early prototype and a vision.

It’s been a longer research and development period than originally expected, but we now have finished tooling (T0-T2). This week, we had the first couple of units put together at the factory to test the tooling parts and to design the production line. The factory will be able to produce 1000 units a day once we ramp up. There is still much to do to ensure quality and efficiency on this whole new production line. Here you can follow us in the video visiting the factory. There is no doubt Seveco is a first-class manufacturer that we can count on for the quality and production.

YouTube Link:

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 10.02.29 AM

In September, all the work will be focused on continued testing, corrections, production line design, QA process and procurement of all materials including the final packaging box. There are two major holidays in China which will affect our schedule just slightly but it will also give more time for user testing. There will be 20 final units to be made before we launch the production line for an initial 200 units in October and then continuing the production.

As we said in the previous update, we need your help to continue to spread the word to your friends and families about the Touchjet WAVE Tablet TV System. They can use the special discount code ShipWAVE to get the new WAVE at only $249.99 ($50 OFF). The clock is ticking and we want to #ShipWAVE as soon as possible. Please share the link and the code ShipWAVE.

Stay tuned weekly on Touchjet Sunday Post. Thank you for your patience and support. It’ll be worth it! #ShipWAVE

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