Touchjet Alpha Test: Who Wins the Debate

Touchjet is about to release an application that allows you to share documents across all devices wirelessly, capture annotations and share automated reports. This enables the Touchjet WAVE™ TV Tablet and Touchjet Pond™ Projector Tablet to share live notes across smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs simultaneously anywhere anytime. Please help us with Alpha testing, by joining our “live meeting” at … Read More

Unboxing Touchject WAVE™

Here is the the packaging for Touchjet WAVE™ TV Tablet System and a short video to demonstrate what you’ll receive and how to install the WAVE on your television. Youtube Link: We are about to submit the complete product to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for approval. While we apply for the FCC mark, we’ll also be completing the … Read More

Two Millions Views of Touchjet Pond™

“Turn Any Surface into a Touch Screen” it says. Unbox Therapy gets it right showing the capability of the Touchjet Pond™ Touchscreen Projector. Thank you for this honor! It was a pleasant surprise as we traced some social media posts back to YouTube and found the review. We hope Unbox Therapy doesn’t mind being featured today in our Sunday Post. … Read More

The Pond that Makes the WAVE

A year ago, we signed the manufacturing contract with Seveco Global for Touchjet WAVE™. It was a pure leap of faith for Seveco to join forces with Touchjet when we only had an early prototype and a vision. It’s been a longer research and development period than originally expected, but we now have finished tooling (T0-T2). This week, we had … Read More