From the Founding Fathers of Touchjet

Happy Father’s Day! Touchjet recognizes the impacts of education and fathers (as role models) to our human race by #GiftingIt to #Dads and #Class2016 #Grads. We received close to 25,000 entries from over 3,000 people. There were 21 lucky winners this year. We look forward to #GiftingIt again next year and every year thereafter.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.03.44 AM

Making this a tradition is part of our effort to carry on our founders’ visions of creating memorable communal experiences in living rooms, meeting rooms and classrooms with an interactive interface at large. With Touchjet Pond™, a father can easily engage a child by projecting an 80” touchscreen tablet by streaming movies, working on a virtual whiteboard and playing games.

No matter how you’re celebrating Father’s Day, we wish you the best and shared fun together with your loved ones. May Touchjet add happiness to all by opening up the digital world anywhere.

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