3 Ways Technology Changed the Classroom

Technology continues to transform the way we work and live. This is especially true for education and learning. From teaching in the classroom to doing homework after school, modern tools have set a new standard for the way students and educators do their work. For example, more than 2.7 million K-12 students in the United States took part in online learning options in 2014.

Here are three ways that technology has changed modern education.

Accessibility in distance learning. The number of students taking part in online or blended learning programs has grown rapidly in recent years. Online learning can offer greater flexibility, offer a safer learning environment, eliminate relocation or health concerns, and much more. Whether it’s connecting students in rural communities or engaging with fellow educators around the globe, today’s technology has helped close the gap in distance learning.

Collaboration among peers and teachers. Using technology to collaboration has also enhanced the way today’s students are learning. From younger students reading together on the big screen to high school students collaborating in real-time together on a group project, technology has enhanced the communal learning experience. For example, a tool like the Touchjet Pond Projector offers a fully interactive, touch surface that invites collaboration to the classroom like never before.

Web-based research and digital textbooks. Thanks to e-readers and tablets, printed textbooks have been on a steady decline in schools. Digital textbooks not only offer more accessibility to students, they are also a budget-friendly option. At the same time, digital documents help ensure that material being taught in schools is current and relevant – outdated textbooks are a thing of the past. Technology has also changed the way students are researching and consuming information, turning to web-based research for a majority of assignments.

Technology has radically changed the way learning takes place, and the transformation is not over yet. If you are a student, educator or parent, share your own thoughts on how technology as changed the classroom in a comment below.

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