How Technology can Upgrade Your Small Business

Technology has changed the way we live, from how we make purchases to how we manage our businesses. According to AT&T’s 2013 Small Business Technology Poll, “two thirds of small business would find it a major challenge to survive without wireless technology.” At the same time, SMB Group estimated that 92 percent of small businesses used at least one cloud-based business solution by 2014.

Technology, tools and systems are deeply integrated in the ways small business owners and entrepreneurs do their work—and the need for these tools is only continuing to grow.

Here are three ways to upgrade your own small business right now:

Transform the way you interact with colleagues, contractors and team members.

Technology has helped close the gap when it comes to where and how people work. This is especially true for teams. The right solution can increase productivity and engagement, whether it is used for a single project or a company-wide implementation. For example, apps such as MightyMeeting and DropBoxcan make it easier to interact and share material with your team members and clients – no matter where they are located in the world.

Streamline and simplify your processes with the right software.

These days, there are software solutions to address almost any business problem – and the technology won’t send you into the red either. Budget-friendly programs such as FreshBooks and Acuity Scheduling can help reduce the time and effort spent on routine business management tasks, such as sending invoices or scheduling a client meeting. Software can also greatly improve your client or customer experience by changing the ways they interact with your company.

Keep your business – and yourself – safe with small investments.

Whether you work from home or manage your own storefront, keeping the work you do safe is a top priority. While a full-fledged security system might be outside of your budget, cost-effective technology such as the Nest Cam makes it easy and affordable to keep an eye on your space while you are away. In addition, a program such as CommonKey can help keep account information secure while working across teams.

How are you currently using technology to upgrade your business and streamline your processes? Share your best tips in a comment below.

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