How to Stay Connected When Working Remote

Do you know how much of the United States workforce has ditched the traditional office setting? While the exact number is hard to pinpoint, studies estimate between 37-45 percent of employees work from home regularly – and that number is rising each day. Working remotely can offer a variety of benefits, including a more flexible work schedule, lower stress levels and smaller start-up costs.

But when it comes to collaborating with a team that is spread across the country, finding ways to stay connected with remote employees can be essential. Here are our three favorite tips for staying engaged with a remote team:

Different forms of communication. These days, we are almost constantly connected. But communication isn’t restricted to just an email or conference call. Host your next meeting using Google Hangouts or a group Skype call to get that essential facetime. In addition, text-based chat apps such as Slack are becoming increasingly popular among teams for fast and timely messaging. Find ways to stay connected with your team by introducing new and fun communication methods.

Collaborative apps and tools. Technology gives us the tools we need to stay connected, but also stay engaged. While they can never fully replace the power of in-person connect, finding collaborative apps can make remote teams even more efficient. A tool such as MightyMeeting enables team members to join in a presentation, share ideas and demonstrate new concepts.  The app allows teams to view and interact with documents simultaneously, as well as make annotations and more.

Opportunities to come together. As said, sometimes you just can’t beat the power of in-person connects. Find opportunities to bring your team together, whether it’s for an educational conference or celebratory holiday event. Team bonding can boost morale, tighten friendships and keep people engaged during the longer periods apart.

How do you collaborate with team members, friends and clients when working remote? Share your best tips and ideas in a comment below.

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