3 Must-Try Apps for Music Lovers

These days, your favorite songs and artists are always at your fingertips. Technology has made it easier than ever to not only listen to music, but also engage with it in entirely new ways. To help navigate all these options, we’ve pulled together a list of the top apps for music lovers to download on the Touchjet Pond, Touchjet WAVE … Read More

How to Stay Connected When Working Remote

Do you know how much of the United States workforce has ditched the traditional office setting? While the exact number is hard to pinpoint, studies estimate between 37-45 percent of employees work from home regularly – and that number is rising each day. Working remotely can offer a variety of benefits, including a more flexible work schedule, lower stress levels … Read More

The Future of Touchscreens: What does it Look Like?

Touchscreen technology has come a long way in the last 50 years – from E.A. Johnson’s invention of the first touchscreen console in 1965 to the Touchjet WAVE launching later this year. Technology continues to evolve and the opportunities and limitations along with it. These days, you probably carry around a touchscreen device in your bag or pocket. There’s no … Read More

How to Upgrade Your March Madness 2016

In case you missed the major college sports news, March Madness begins this month. The NCAA’s annual tournament – sometimes referred to as the “Big Dance” – is a favorite time for college basketball fans where words like “brackets” and “seeds” become daily vocabulary among friends and colleagues. The tournament is made up of 68 Division 1 college teams, playing … Read More

Perfecting Your Next Workplace Presentation

Whether it’s delivering a new business pitch or leading a lunchtime workshop for colleagues, your career will likely include a presentation or two. Presentation skills are an important addition to your professional toolbox. In fact, 70 percent of employers say this skill is critical for career success. But becoming a star presenter requires more than just a flashy PowerPoint and … Read More