The Best Apps to Support Your New Year’s Resolutions

About 44 percent of Americans will be making a resolution in honor of 2016. Are you one of them? Starting off the New Year with a goal or resolution is a great way to spark your motivation. But with only 8 percent of people actually achieving their goals each year, is your resolution set to fail before you even get started?

The short answer: not necessarily. However, maintaining your resolution will require the right mindset — and the right tools. That means holding yourself accountable and regularly checking in on how things are going. Measuring your goals helps you track progress, while also boosting personal satisfaction, happiness and well-being.

Ready to get started? Here are a few of our favorite apps for tracking (and achieving) your resolution this New Year:

If your resolution is to get in shape or eat better, try an app like Lose It. Offering both a free and premium subscription, this app is the ultimate tool for keeping track of your fitness goals. Track your food and exercise, set and update your goals, and connect with friends for fun challenges throughout your journey.

If your resolution is to spend more time with family and friends, start with an app like Birthdays for Android. Remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates can be challenging in the midst of a busy schedule. This app can help remind you of the big days before they come, giving you adequate time to grab a card, make a phone call or even plan the perfect surprise party for a loved one.

If your resolution is to start saving more money, begin monitoring your spending habits with an app like Mint. Connect this app to your bank account for the ultimate look into your money and where it goes. You can track bills, credit scores and debt. Mint also allows you to set and track progress toward specific financial goals, such as buying a car or paying off a credit card.

If your resolution is to take more personal time, try out an app like Calm. Creating time in your daily schedule to recharge — whether that’s a meditation session, a nap or just some time to kick back — is so helpful for leading a happier, grounded life. Calm lets users follow easy, guided meditation programs complete with relaxing music, sounds and more.

If your resolution is to get organized, an app like My Life Organized might be exactly what you need. Build your to-do lists, set goals and track projects all in one place. My Life Organized offers a variety of useful tools for keeping you and your work on track. You can also sync your data with the desktop version of the app for easy reference.

What tools will you be using in 2016 to set and meet goals? Share your recommendations in a comment below.

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