3 Tips for a 10 Minute Pitch

Every time you make a presentation, it takes a while to connect to the projector and bring up the right file. What if your projector is connected to the cloud? Here are 3 tips to pitch like a pro.

1. Using your Touchjet Pond projector, access your presentation directly from the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).  For more information, check out our Touchjet Pond Video.

2. Start your paperless meeting and presentation by using the MightyMeeting app. Don’t you always get frustrated by the mobile distraction? Now you can bring all the phones/tablets into the meeting by using MightyMeeting to share your slides with your participants. MightyMeeting allows the presenter and participants to flip through the slides, and add annotations and files — making your meeting truly interactive.

3. At the end of the meeting, a meeting report (with all the notes and annotations captured on the slides) is automatically sent to all the participants who signed into the meeting.

Now that’s your perfect 10 minute pitch not a second wasted.

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  1. Helen:

    For the next generation, How about a Touchjet app? Current files can be retrieved from other cloud apps and then stored on Touchjet app. In addition, any new files and folders can be securely stored and saved in the Touchjet app without using any other apps; less cumbersome. Slide shows, presentations, videos, etc. can be easily opened, viewed, annotated, edited and distributed using the Touchjet machine and app.

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