Celebrating Our Touchjet Stars

During the month of December, we’ve been celebrating the inspiring and creative stars that shine in our local communities. From teachers and parents, to business leaders and technology experts, these are individuals making a difference through the work they day each and every day.

What makes you a star? Meet all our shining Touchjet stars below and then go find the special talent you have to share with your family, friends and community during the holiday season.

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Jeremy Sutton (Left): A California-based artist, Jeremy Sutton is blending the classic principles of art with the modern medium of touch technology to create digital masterpieces. Read more about him here.

Jim Brown (Center): A teacher at Pleasant Hill Elementary School, Jim Brown is combining the roles of educator and motivator to help his students along their personal learning journeys. Read more about him here.

Beto Lopez (Right): After developing a passion for photography and videography in early childhood, Beto Lopez turned his craft into a thriving career that allows him to connect this community through film. Read more about him here.

Candace 1 MichaelLebowitz headshot Amber Kraver

Candace Hons (Left): From her classroom in Zionsville, Indiana, teacher Candace Hons is encouraging her students to lead in the classroom – from fundraising projects to improve their school, to taking a hands-on approach to learning with technology. Read more about her here.

Michael Lebowitz (Center): Entrepreneur Michael Lebowitz always had a passion for technology, which led him to start a digital agency called Big Spaceship in New York City. Since then, Michael continues to make waves in the world of digital creativity. Read more about him here.

Amber Kraver (Right): As a first-year elementary teacher at Sunnyvale Christian School, Amber Kraver might be new in the classroom, but her passion for technology, learning and teaching continues to inspire her fellow teachers and local education organizations. Read more about her here.

Dan Albert Image 1 Dmitri

Dan Layton (Left): The current chief technology officer (CTO) for his school district, Dan Layton has become a catalyst for his students and fellow educators, finding new ways to integrate technology into the classroom. Read more about him here.

Albert Strane (Center): From the major leauges to working with student athletes in his community, Albert Strane has found a way to combine his passion for sports and education. Read more about him here.

Dmitri Techervik (Left): After starting his company Mighty Meeting, CEO Dmitri Technervik has been changing the way businesses and teams collaborate on projects. His secret? Breaking down the barriers with technology. Read more about him here.

David Perry photo by Paul Chinn Lora Saarnio Pic

David Perry (Left): The CEO of a successful marketing firm in San Francisco, as well as the host of a popular interview series, David Perry has transformed his career into a platform for others in his community to learn. Read more about him here.

Lora Saarnio (Right): Teacher Lora Saarnio found her place in the Bay Area teaching community as a math and technology integration specialist, incoming director of the Julia Robinson Math Festival, and advocate for her students. Read more about her here.

BillMaggs 21f6a31

Bill Maggs (Left): The father of two young boys, Bill Maggs lives his life as a parent and technology consultant with the goal to inspire curiosity in everyone around him. He focuses on being a role model for his children, teaching about technology and its uses by example. Read more about him here.

Rob Sibley (Right): Technology and social integration have always been at the heart of the work Rob Sibley does. Working with hundreds of individuals each week, Rob connects consultants with businesses to implement services and transform the work they do. “We go to customer sites and teach them about technology,” he explains. “We learn about their businesses and implement systems to support those businesses.”

At the same time, Rob has found ways to integrate technology into the work he and his teams do. Using a tool like the Touchjet Pond Projector, coupled with an app like Mighty Meeting, Rob is trying to figure out new ways to empower his employees to host meetings from afar but still provide that in-person experience. “We have all the resources our customers need, but we are also small enough to have a personal interaction with every customer,” Rob says.

If you know a star in your own community, tell us by using #TouchUponAStar to share your message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. When you touch upon a star, a universe of possibilities opens up. Happy holidays from the Touchjet team!

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