Meet Our Touchjet Stars: Part 1

What makes a star? All week long, we’ve been highlighting some of the stars we know on our social channels. These stars are individuals sharing their talents with the world and making a difference in their communities. And here at Touchjet, we think that’s something worth celebrating. Whether it’s creating a masterpiece with touch technology or turning a classroom into an interactive learning environment, every day people become stars in their daily lives.

As part of our #TouchUponAStar program, we are excited to introduce our first group of Touchjet stars – keep reading to meet them all.


Meet Artist Jeremy Sutton
For as long as he can remember, California-based artist Jeremy Sutton has had a passion for art. Inspired and encouraged by his parents to create at a young age, Jeremy made art a focus in his life – even while studying physics at Oxford University. While he learned through classic mediums, Jeremy was “ever keen to explore, experiment with and push the limits of new drawing and painting technology and media.” Throughout his career, he experimented with a long list of digital mediums – from eye and air painting, to 3D technology and the Touchjet Pond.

“I love the adventure and journey of being in the process of painting,” explained Jeremy. The experience of putting his entire body into the creation process – long, sweep strokes across a canvas – and sharing it with others is one of the things Jeremy loves most about painting in the digital age. You can read Jeremy’s full story here.


Meet Teacher Jim Brown
An educator at Pleasant Hill Elementary in California, Jim Brown never thought of himself as a teacher, but rather a motivator for the students in his classroom. “My role models are my students, whom in many ways are my teachers,” he said. As a professional, Jim sees learning as a personal journey – a choice that cannot be forced. That belief has remained the same, even though Jim has watched things such as technology in the classroom transform throughout his career.

“I have incorporated a wide variety of tools, from interactive boards and LCD projectors to document cameras, in the classroom… But I discovered a far more useful investment – a more student-focused tool: the Touchjet Pond,” Jim explains. Working with staff at the district level, Jim is continuously working to bring 21st century learning to new heights, as well as introduce cutting-edge educational opportunities for his students.


Meet Photographer Beto Lopez
After discovering his interest for photography and video at an early age, photographer Beto Lopez never looked back. “Anything that was a camera was always my interest,” Beto recalls. His work has also become an inspiration and educational resource for other aspiring photographers. Beto hears regularly from other creatives in his community that his work was the reason they got into photography, secured gigs and found their own passions.

There’s no doubt that photography methods and equipment have transformed throughout Beto’s career. Coming from a background in film, new technology keeps the craft inspiring and affordable. “Being able to be more creative with the prices getting lower… has [made] a difference.” Technology has also changed the way Beto shares his talents with friends, family and his community – from projecting images on the wall using a Touchjet Pond Projector to sharing them across social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.

Do you know a star in your own community? Tell us about them using #TouchUponAStar. Then follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see how Touchjet Stars around the globe are showcasing their talents as well. When you touch upon a star, a universe of possibilities opens up.

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