3 Tips for a 10 Minute Pitch

Every time you make a presentation, it takes a while to connect to the projector and bring up the right file. What if your projector is connected to the cloud? Here are 3 tips to pitch like a pro. 1. Using your Touchjet Pond projector, access your presentation directly from the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).  For more information, check … Read More

The Best Apps to Support Your New Year’s Resolutions

About 44 percent of Americans will be making a resolution in honor of 2016. Are you one of them? Starting off the New Year with a goal or resolution is a great way to spark your motivation. But with only 8 percent of people actually achieving their goals each year, is your resolution set to fail before you even get … Read More

Celebrating Our Touchjet Stars

During the month of December, we’ve been celebrating the inspiring and creative stars that shine in our local communities. From teachers and parents, to business leaders and technology experts, these are individuals making a difference through the work they day each and every day. What makes you a star? Meet all our shining Touchjet stars below and then go find … Read More

Touch Upon a Star: Art and Technology

Technology greatly influences the things we do each day – how we interact with friends, how we organize our work, and even how we express ourselves creatively. You might remember California-based artist Jeremy Sutton and his forward-thinking approach to art. A bright star in our local community, he has been changing the way we look at modern art. “First of … Read More

Meet Our Touchjet Stars: Part 3

What makes someone a star? During the month of December, we’ve shared some of the brightest stars in our community with you. These individuals are sharing their talents and skills to make a difference in their communities and beyond. At Touchjet, we think that dedication and inspiration is something worth celebrating. From working with children in the classroom to introducing … Read More

15 Ways to Beat Winter Weather Boredom with Touchjet

The start of winter is just days away (December 22, to be exact), but you might already be facing the rain, snow and chilly temperatures that come with it. That type of weather tends to mean plenty of time spent inside for many of us, and before long, those winter days begin to feel extra dreary. How can you beat … Read More

Meet Our Touchjet Stars: Part 2

Do you know a star in your community? During the month of December, we’re highlighting some talented individuals in our community. These are people using their gifts to make the world around them a better place, from teaching in the classroom to sharing artistic gifts that inspire others. If that isn’t something worth celebrating, than we aren’t sure what is. … Read More

Last-minute Holiday Gifts for Any Techie on Your List

As technology advances, it continues to be a trend in every aspect of our lives — and the holidays are no exception. In fact, researchers have predicted that Americans will spend $34.2 billion on technology this holiday season. You can avoid the commotion and make your holiday shopping easier by knowing exactly what to get your loved ones. Still need … Read More

Meet Our Touchjet Stars: Part 1

What makes a star? All week long, we’ve been highlighting some of the stars we know on our social channels. These stars are individuals sharing their talents with the world and making a difference in their communities. And here at Touchjet, we think that’s something worth celebrating. Whether it’s creating a masterpiece with touch technology or turning a classroom into … Read More

Touch Upon a Star: Touch Technology Meets Art

These days, some may argue that technology has rendered many classic mediums obsolete. But for artist Jeremy Sutton, this is far from true. Combining technology and art opened up an entirely new creative realm for the California-based painter. From eye and air painting, to 3D technology and the Touchjet Pond, Jeremy has explored just about every innovative medium available to … Read More