How Can Technology Make You More Productive at Work?

Think about how much time you spend interacting with technology during the work day — from typing away at a computer and managing electronic files, to connecting to a remote meeting with webinar software and watching a colleague’s presentation projected on the conference room screen.

A 2014 study by the Pew Research Center highlighted just how much technology has transformed the American workplace — with email, the Internet and smartphones topping the list of important tools for employees.

There is plenty of discussion around how technology impacts your productivity in the workplace. It might be true that endless access to the Internet might distract employees — surfing Facebook rarely supports a productive afternoon. But in our technology-driven world, access to a computer and other gadgets has become a game changer in the way we work.

But technology is also changing the way we work together. It’s easier than ever for a remote employee to join a meeting using an app like MightyMeeting or JoinMe. Team brainstorms are no longer confined to the conference room when a portable projector like the Touchjet Pond lets you turn any flat surface into a whiteboard.

The digital age has redefined the ideas of connectivity and accessibility at work. When we start considering how technology has enabled workplace productivity rather that interrupted it, the data is hard to refute.

How does technology support your routines at work? Tell us about it in a comment below.

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