3 Digital Tools for the School Year

It’s that time of year again. Kids are back in school, and homework is piling up. In addition to the typical school supplies, technology tools are becoming increasingly popular in schools — as well as at home.

Not sure what tools your child needs to succeed this year and how to use them? Here are three ideas for digital tools with ideas on how to use them for education:

Smartphone: Why not use a device that your kids are probably already attached to for school? For your high schooler or middle schooler who is ready for a new phone, a smartphone can double as an essential study tool. There are millions of educational apps for you to choose from. Download Quizlets and create digital flashcards your student can take with him or her on-the-go. Try the Evernote app as a way to write and organize notes. Studying has never been so easy.

Smart Pen: Smart pens will make the school experience a breeze. They look and feel like normal pens, but smart pens allow students to record a lecture or lesson and play it back at any time — making him or her the best note taker possible. Some smart pens, like the Neo smartpen N2, even create a digital copy of whatever you write, using special notebooks and iOS or the Android Notes app. Simply sync your pen with your Mac or PC, and share your handwritten notes online.

Touchjet WAVE: Let’s not forget our newest product, the Touchjet WAVE™. The WAVE allows you to turn any TV into a touchscreen — perfect for studying with friends and classmates. With the ability to download any app from the Android store, the Touchjet WAVE™’s uses are endless. And the digital white board is perfect for mapping out studying or wowing classmates by creating an interactive presentation.

Know a teacher who deserves a Touchjet Pond? We’ll be sending five lucky teachers a Touchjet Pond™ Projector for the holidays. Tell us why YOUR teacher or a teacher you know deserves a Pond in the comments below, or let us know on Facebook and Twitter using #MyteacherNEEDSaPond.

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