Unique Wedding Presents for Your Entertainment-Loving Friends

For unique couples, another useless kitchen gadget won’t cut it (pun intended). Want your gift to stand out? Whether they are into movies, music or games, we’ve got you covered. Here are four one-of-a-kind gifts for entertainment-loving newlyweds in your life:

Video-Streaming Service Subscription: Who doesn’t love lounging in pajamas and binge-watching their favorite show? You can give this as a gift with a video-streaming service subscription. Whether it’s Netflix, HuluPlus or HBO Now, your friends can stay up-to-date on their favorite shows and movies. Gift subscriptions are available anywhere from a month to a year, and make the perfect last minute gift.

Concert or Theater Tickets: Instead of just another thing that will take up space in the back of their closest, give your friends a night they won’t forget. Give the gift of a memorable experience. A concert or the theater is the perfect place to relax, sit back and be entertained.

Touchjet Pond™ Projector: The Touchjet Pond™ Projector is the must-have gadget during the honeymoon and beyond. With the Pond Projector, couples can easily turn any flat surface into an instant home theater. Perfect for watching TV shows and movies or playing games. This ultra-portable gift is sure to be a hit while traveling and at home.

GoPro: What could be better than allowing an entertainment-lover the chance to film their own movie? With a GoPro your friends can capture special moments and share them with others. Film a vacation or special event and turn those memories into a movie they can keep forever. Small enough to fit in a pocket, this gadget is perfect for every occasion.

What’s on your shopping list for the happy couple in your life? Let us know in a comment below.