8 Must-try Apps for the Summer

Whether you are planning a summer vacation, sharing fun family photos or playing a game with the kids, there’s an app for that. In case you missed our favorite apps, check out the list here. Then browse through these must-try apps for summer:

1. Netflix: The perfect way to catch up on favorite shows and discover the newest movies, Netflix is also an easy way to bring everyone together. Plan a family movie night or viewing party in the backyard with your Touchjet Pond™ Projector.

2. Photo Editor Pro: Summer is full of favorite photos and snapshots. This easy editor is the perfect way to touch up pictures, pick your favorites as a family and share them across social media.

3. iHeartRadio — Radio & Music: Turn up the summer tunes at your barbecue or family event with a radio streaming app like iHeartRadio.

4. Ice Age Avalanche: Too hot to go outside? This fun puzzle game is perfect for all ages, challenging players to match shapes and clear a path through the popular Ice Age world.

5. PBS Parents Play & Learn: Another family-focused app for those afternoons that are just too hot. PBS Parents Play & Learn is loaded with games for parents to play with the kids, focused on developing math, reading and language skills.

6. Elevate — Brain Training: If you are looking for a challenging game for adults, this app is for you. Keep your mind sharp this summer with brain training. Elevate is designed to improve focus, memory, math skills and more.

7. Weather Timeline — Forecast: When you’re planning a vacation or outdoor event, don’t forget to check the weather! This app offers an in-depth weather timeline to help you plan the perfect day out and about.


8. Animal Voyage: Island Adventure: Keep the kids busy all afternoon with this adorable animal simulation game. Players can explore islands and rescue exotic animals. An Editor’s Choice, the app is great for all ages.
What are your favorite Android apps? Share your recommendations in a comment below.

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