What’s In Your Backpack?

Heading back to the classroom or campus this fall? September is almost here, and before we know it, school will be in full swing. That means homework, group projects, exams and class presentations. But if you haven’t started packing yet, don’t worry. The Touchjet team has your back. Here are the essentials to throw in your backpack before the first day:

Planner or Organization App – With extra homework and extracurriculars, staying organized is important. Find your favorite solution for tracking projects, whether it’s an old-school planner or an app on your device like iDoneThis.

Textbooks – They might be expensive, but most professors and teachers don’t take kindly to someone who forgets the class text multiple days in a row. Plan ahead and give yourself time to stop by the locker or dorm if you need to swap books between classes. Or opt for digital versions of your textbooks that you can download into a tablet.

Touchjet Pond™ Projector – The Pond is a great back-to-school tool – both in and out of the classroom. The Android-based projector gives you access to thousands of apps from the Google Play store that you can control on almost any surface with the touch of a stylus. The Pond turns any surface into a giant tablet to connect, collaborate, create and communicate. Use the device for a class presentation, and then unwind back in your dorm with a movie on the 80” screen.

Water Bottle and Snacks – Hitting the books means putting in extra hours. Staying fueled for the long days can help you stay focused and productive. Bring a reusable water bottle to sip on throughout the day, as well as a protein-rich snack such as almonds or cheese and crackers.

Extra Storage – By the time midterms hit, your trusty laptop will be brimming with files. An external hard drive or cloud storage option like Dropbox is the perfect way to organize files and free up extra space on your computer.

What’s in your backpack? Tell us about your back-to-school must-haves in a comment below!

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