Touchjet WAVE Thank You Program

Hello Touchjetters!

What a fantastic weekend! We’re so close to hitting the $400k mark and are releasing a new Thank You Program to reward you for referring friends and help get our campaign to the next level.

If your referrals total more than $600, you get another WAVE. That’s like if you referred 5 friends, you get a FREE WAVE!

Here’s what to do:

  1. After pre-ordering your WAVE, you’ll get a unique URL that will allow us to track your referrals.
  2. Share that URL with everyone you know.

Already pre-ordered? Get your Unique Link by: logging in to and visiting our campaign page on Indiegogo.

Look to the left of the main video to share using Indiegogo’s share tools (we’ve taken a screen shot above).

Click the link icon circled below to copy your unique ID URL and post & share. Get creative: only you will know it’s your unique link!

We will track how many people contribute using your link! We’ll tell you how to track your referrals later in the campaign.

That’s it! It’s that simple to get a free WAVE.

We’ve even created some posts for you. Just click to share our hashtag, and boom! You’re done.

I’m helping WAVE reach $400k. Join me in the revolution at #GetTheWAVE [Click to Tweet]
Did you see the WAVE? I’ve already bought mine. Don’t miss out on yours at #GetTheWAVE [Click to Tweet]
I’m trying to get a free WAVE. Help a brotha out at: #GetTheWAVE [Click to Tweet]

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Thanks for all your help!

Team Touchjet

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