3 Entertaining Ways to Spend Time with the Guys

Planning on time with the guys this weekend? Whether it’s watching the big game or just hanging out around the house, there is always a way to upgrade the experience. Here are three fun and entertaining ways to spend your Saturday:

Take it outside with a new sport. Weather permitting, get out and try a “sport” that you have never heard of before. Things like Quidditch and LARP are more popular than you think – and make great group activities. If you aren’t feeling that adventurous, consider a game of disc golf or a local ropes course to mix things up.

Take the big game in a new way. When game day rolls around, it’s great to root on your favorite teams with friends. But who says you have to watch the game from the living room couch? Take it out back with a cooler of your favorite drinks, a couple of lawn chairs and the game streaming from your Touchjet Pond onto the side of the house. The extra space is a great excuse to invite additional friends over for a summer watch event.

Try a new hobby. Brewing craft beer at home, exploring local hiking trails or volunteering with a group… These are just a few ideas to add to your growing hobby list. Spend the weekend trying out something new with your friends. If you still more inspiration, here is the ultimate list.

How do you and your friends spend the weekends? Tell us about it in a comment below.