8 Must-try Apps for the Summer

Whether you are planning a summer vacation, sharing fun family photos or playing a game with the kids, there’s an app for that. In case you missed our favorite apps, check out the list here. Then browse through these must-try apps for summer: 1. Netflix: The perfect way to catch up on favorite shows and discover the newest movies, Netflix … Read More

What’s In Your Backpack?

Heading back to the classroom or campus this fall? September is almost here, and before we know it, school will be in full swing. That means homework, group projects, exams and class presentations. But if you haven’t started packing yet, don’t worry. The Touchjet team has your back. Here are the essentials to throw in your backpack before the first … Read More

Touchjet WAVE Thank You Program

Hello Touchjetters! What a fantastic weekend! We’re so close to hitting the $400k mark and are releasing a new Thank You Program to reward you for referring friends and help get our campaign to the next level. REFER 5 FRIENDS. GET A FREE WAVE. If your referrals total more than $600, you get another WAVE. That’s like if you referred … Read More

The Touchjet Pond Travels Across the Pond

Whether used at the office or home, the Touchjet Pond is a little device with big possibilities. The interactive technology came to life in Singapore and quickly transformed the consumer technology experience around the world. The device took a leap across “the pond”, where our friends at YouTube channel MaxedoutPCTV Media in the U.K. got to experience the device firsthand. … Read More

The Touchjet WAVE is Here

This is it, people. It’s finally here. Our team has been waiting for this moment for a long time! Touchjet WAVE is now available to pre-order now on Indiegogo – www.indiegogo.com/projects/touchjet-wave-turn-your-tv-into-a-touchscreen Touchjet WAVE is the most affordable way to turn your TV into a giant touchscreen tablet with finger, stylus, and remote app control. Download the apps you love, use … Read More

3 Entertaining Ways to Spend Time with the Guys

Planning on time with the guys this weekend? Whether it’s watching the big game or just hanging out around the house, there is always a way to upgrade the experience. Here are three fun and entertaining ways to spend your Saturday: Take it outside with a new sport. Weather permitting, get out and try a “sport” that you have never … Read More