Touchjet in the Workplace: How the Pond Projector Helps With 3D Printing

How are real customers using the Touchjet Pond™ Projector in daily life?

Meet Jason Gullickson, Chief Engineer and CTO for Murfie, Inc., an online marketplace where users can buy and sell music.

As lead engineer, Jason spends his days building and experimenting with 3D printers. He uses 3D modeling to design parts for other devices and machines he is creating, and to improve existing devices. Modeling also plays a large role in his virtual reality experimentation, which is where the Touchjet Pond™ comes in.

He uses the whiteboard app to make the 3D modeling process more interactive by mapping out his printing ideas. “Having this capability in a well-designed, compact all-in-one unit is unlike anything else,” he says.

One day, Jason hopes to use the Pond’s capabilities for direct manipulation in the 3D modeling process. This would allow him to interact with the 3D printer by simply touching the screen and changing the size of his digital model by touching and dragging the image.

Jason’s favorite use for the Pond? Creating an interactive desktop surface. Because it’s ultra-portable, he is able to turn any table or flat surface into his own personal computer.

In addition to work, Jason uses the Touchjet Pond™ Projector to create a drive-in theater in his backyard. With the Pond, he is able to easily entertain his family and neighbors. “The Touchjet is a great upgrade to the previous setup, which required a lot more hardware and planning,” he explains. It’s as simple as downloading the movie and hitting play.

Another great way the Pond is useful for everyday life? Storage isn’t an issue—it can store your work and fun. According to Jason, “I was happy to see that external USB storage could be used so the fixed internal storage wasn’t a limit on how much media could be accessible when a network isn’t available.”

This is just one example of how a customer is using the Touchjet Pond Projector. Comment below and tell us how you use the Touchjet Pond!

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