Touchjet in Architecture: How the Pond Projector Aids in Design

How are real customers using the Touchjet Pond™ Projector in daily life? Meet architect Kevin Bruno.

Kevin is an architect and is using the Touchjet Pond Projector both at work and for play. We asked him to share a little more about how he’s using the device:

You mentioned that you’re an architect, can you tell me a bit more about how you’re using the product at work? Outside of work?

In architecture, while we have moved into a more digital realm away from traditional hand drafting, we still at the heart of it sketch out our illustrations. As a result, I plan to use the Touchjet Pond as a methodology to markup PDF drawings and send them to clients. I can even utilize the A360 Android App in conjunction with the Pond’s interactive abilities to highlight 3D modeling issues or problems that may arise to clients and consultants. Outside of work, I am much like many of Touchjet’s other users and will be using the it as an all-out gaming and movie capable interface. Its portability will only help contribute to the idea of being able to go anywhere and do anything!

You mentioned that the device surpassed the tech specs, which ones are you specifically referring to?

Recently, while waiting for the Touchjet Pond, I tested out the Brookstone Pico Projector. The specs on this pico projector are much like Touchjet’s, as it was specified at 100 Lumens. It seems to me that the Touchjet Pond’s brightness and resolution quality surpass its competition. While they may both be on the same playing level, in regards to price (for backers), the Touchjet’s ability to utilize the Android platform in conjunction with its touch interface surpasses any projector out there.

I know you mentioned the ability to use a stylus in your profession is huge. Is there a different feature that you think makes this product super unique? Why does it stand out to you?

I would say there are a multitude of features this projector has that most don’t! For one, the obvious use of the stylus and creative use from it. The other is really the Android platform, which allows you to download anything on the fly! Great product.

This is just one example of how a customer is using the Touchjet Pond Projector. Comment below and share details on your own Touchjet experience!

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